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iPhone 4 & iPhone 4S Repairs


iPhone 4 & 4S Screen Replacement


Is your iPhone screen cracked or damaged? Has your iPhone 4 stopped responding to touch?

We can replace the broken glass and LCD screen of your iPhone 4 and get it back up and running!

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iPhone 4 & 4S Battery Replacement


Is your iPhone 4 or 4S barely making it through the day? Do you frequently have to plug it in to charge?

We can replace the battery in your iPhone 4 or 4S and restore its battery life to its former glory!

  Battery Replacement:
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Rear Cover
  iPhone 4 & 4S Back Panel Replacement  

We One of the most common ways people damage their iPhone 4 or 4S is scratching, cracking or smashing the delicate rear panel of the iPhone. This is very easy to replace so most of our customers choose to do it themselves.

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